OIPEC project

Report for the Kick-Off meeting (Hebut)

Zhengyan Zhang (Dr. Zhang, for short) is a assistant professor in the national technological Innovation Method And Tool Engineering Research Center of Hebei University of Technology, on behalf of Prof. Tan, he attended the Kick-Off meeting of the OIPEC project (funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+ actions, and specifically under the action Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education) held on Feb. 11-12, 2016 at Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy.
1. The basic information of the Kick-Off meeting
Time: February 11-12, 2016
Host venue: Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy
Host university: Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy
Involved organizations and people:
PoliMI (Partner 1)— Gaetano Cascini, Daniela De Lucia, Edoardo Colombo, EdoardoPini, etc.
LUT (Partner 2)— Leonid Chechurin
GINP (Partner 3)— Jean-Francois Boujut
LMSU (Partner 4)— Georgy Laptev, Dmitry Shaytan
VISU (Partner 5)— Pavel Zakharov, Alexey Zhdanov
HEBUT (Partner 6)— Zhang Zhengyan
TJU (Partner 7)— Zhao Lin
Topic: the project activities will be deeply analyzed and planned, with particular attention paid to the implementation of the actions due in the first year. All the useful information related to contractual obligations, reporting and financial issues will be provided during the meeting.
2 Two Presentations
During the Kick-Off meeting, two presentations titled with Brief Introduction and “U-E collaboration introduction” were given for the meeting, in order to solve their concerns as follows.
1) a general presentation of your university, so as to introduce your institution and the team involved in the project (this might take between 10 and 20 minutes, please share what you think it is important for the other partners to know about your organization, taking into consideration the goal of the project, i.e. relevant competences, technologies, educational activities)
2) a more specific presentation about your experiences in university-industry collaboration for new product-service development; focus most of all on the last 5 years, and highlight number of collaboration projects, nature of the collaborations (e.g. contracts, joined initiatives etc), IP production and possibly the profile of the companies your university collaborates with (size, field of application etc). Please add also references to your startups and spinoffs. Finally, add 1-2 slides on the critical issues that according to your experience limit the (further) growth of collaboration between industry and academia for new product-service development.
For the first presentation titled with Brief Introduction, the outline is as follows.
Hebei University of Technology (where, history,etc )
National Engineering Research Center for Technological Innovation Method and Tool (history, what can we do, the faculties, new building, etc )
Researchers involved this project
For the first presentation titled with “U-E collaboration introduction”, the outline is as follows.
National Engineering Research Center for Technological Innovation Method and Tool (Theory Researches, Application Researches, Awards, High international and domestic reputation,  etc )
List of Training from 2011 to 2013
List of Training in 2015
Training for enterprise (innovative engineers, distribution, region, training contents, training cases, collaborations, etc)
3 ToDo List for us
The action items for us are selected as follows, and we should finish these action items one by one before the due date.

Due date
Template freeze
15 March 2016
Fill the templates with actual stakeholders' profiles
15 April 2016
Cluster profiles
30 April 2016
Propose index of contents and best practices
30 May 2016
Submit requests for contents
30 May 2016
Share draft index of contents and best practices
7 June 2016
Final index of contents and best practices
20 June 2016
First round of seminars at EU partners facilities
30 July 2016
Send feedback on the partnership agreement to PoliMI
31 March 2016
Send to PoliMi original signed copies of the Partnership Agreement
30 April 2016
Define a date for next MB meeting
30 March 2016
Share accounts to be added in shared Dropbox folder
19 Feb. 2016
Prepare a call for advisors in each partners' country
30 April 2016
Participants candidature for website and logo definition
19 Feb. 2016